PhRMA Campaign Showcases Innovation and Progress Made Possible by America’s Biopharmaceutical Companies

Earlier this year, the biopharmaceutical industry’s trade association in the United States, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, launched a multi-year, national advertising and public affairs campaign designed to showcase the innovation and progress our industry provides to American patients and lasting benefits to the U.S. health care system and the broader economy.

Running under the thematic banner “GOBOLDLY,” the campaign showcases industry scientists and the industry’s impact on the lives of the patients. The campaign will be manifested in print, broadcast and digital advertising across the United States in 2017.

A broad public affairs program of thought leadership events and educational summits will fan out across more than 12 states, establishing forums where stakeholders from government, industry, academia, patient groups and others can workshop practical ideas designed to help move American health care forward.

Mallinckrodt is committed to continued progress and innovation. As the company enters the new era of medicine, it seeks to promote a better, broad multi-stakeholder understanding of the scientific progress that the company makes, the risks posed to that progress by policy that hampers advancement and the company’s commitment to work with all stakeholders to make the health care system better and more responsive to the needs of patients.

A few highlights of the campaign:

  • Do Not Go Gentle, the first national TV advertisement, began airing during early morning, evening news and late night shows.
  • Full-page GOBOLDLY ads are running in major newspapers, such as the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and New York Times, with digital advertisements running in some states.

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