Meet Ralf Hartmann, Regional Business Manager, EMEA Sales, Specialty Brands

As the Regional Business Manager, EMEA Sales, Specialty Brands, Ralf is focused on ensuring patients can achieve best possible outcomes. And to do that, he encourages his team to foster direct communication with health care professionals so that they can better understand both physician and patient needs.

“It’s about patient centricity AND provider centricity,” explained Ralf. “By understanding the needs of everyone involved in a patient’s care, we can more easily identify solutions to address one stakeholder’s needs without jeopardizing the needs of another.”

Because of this holistic approach, one colleague shared, “he has the knowledge to navigate challenges gracefully and activate a quick solution to prevent issues that may impact any part of a patient’s care, like a potential delivery delay.”

Ralf also has a strong sense of integrity and determination, explained another colleague, that aids in the success of his team. “His positive outlook and philosophy create an atmosphere of mutual trust and a positive work-ethic for all with whom he interacts. Ralf brings the best out of us – as a team and individually.”

Colleagues also noted that Ralf is always able to make sure the best possible outcome shines through; he “always remains positive, calm and concentrated while overcoming critical situations” and acts with a “a high level of social competency and empathy.”

According to Ralf, however, it’s the team’s focus on “open communication and constant collaboration” that makes success possible and helps them play a role in pushing MNK’s mission of improving lives forward.


Ralf Hartmann joins a distinguished group of employees who were nominated by colleagues for their contributions, continuous passion and commitment to our mission – Managing Complexity. Improving Lives. Visit the blog each week to see how our employees are #MissionFocusedatMNK.