Meet Kathleen Breton, Senior Director, Patient Services and Reimbursement

Living MNK’s values is second nature for Kathleen Breton, Senior Director, Patient Services and Reimbursement, who is motivated by the opportunity to help patients.

Kathleen looks for new ways to understand the care journey from a patient’s point of view to ensure that everything her team does goes above and beyond to serve their unmet needs.

“Kathleen consistently raises the bar on the services we provide to our patients and acts as their staunch advocate in everything she does,” said one colleague. “I believe she is the most patient-centric employee in our organization.”

Whether it’s advocating internally or using her own experiences to better MNK’s relationships with the patient, caregiver, and healthcare provider communities, Kathleen encourages her colleagues on a day-to-day basis and they inspire her, too. “We are one big, powerful team,” explained Kathleen. “We hold our heads high and know that we are making a difference for the patients that we serve.”


Kathleen Breton joins a distinguished group of employees who were nominated by colleagues for their contributions, continuous passion and commitment to our mission – Managing Complexity. Improving Lives. Visit the blog each week to see how our employees are #MissionFocusedatMNK.