Meet Joyce Pearl, Director of Marketing Services in Commercial Excellence

This is the first of several posts highlighting employees at MNK who have demonstrated continuous passion and commitment to our mission – Managing Complexity. Improving Lives. Each employee was nominated by their colleagues for being #MissionFocusedatMNK. Visit the blog each week for a new employee feature post.

Joyce Pearl, Director of Marketing Services in Commercial Excellence, exemplifies what it means to be “patient-centric,” one of MNK’s main value pillars. Her experience as a caregiver is reflected in her approach of managing the process for reviewing customer communications regarding MNK’s products and pipeline.

“As someone who is a caregiver for a disabled person and has seen family members lose the fight against diseases where there are no treatments, I know how important it is to provide patients and their families with solutions,” Joyce explained. “We are responsible for helping to bring important information to our customers, so they can make informed decisions on their treatment and disease.”

She continued, “If I can do that by ensuring the communications review process runs as smoothly as possible, I know I am helping to bring timely information to our customers and patients in need.”

It’s this first-hand understanding of patient and caregiver needs that motivates her to bring a collaborative, solution-oriented approach to each challenge. This sentiment is echoed by her colleagues, who note that Joyce works diligently to eliminate barriers for her team and across MNK. She takes the extra initiative to solve a problem. “She values feedback, too, and is always open to suggestions that will ensure the processes her team utilizes are working.”

Throughout her tenure, she’s learned a bit from her colleagues, too. After all, one decision could have an impact across multiple functions. “Working at MNK, I’ve learned about problem-solving and collaboration in a different way,” she shared. “You might have an idea how a problem can be solved, but the outcome can be completely different when everyone puts their minds together and all perspectives are included. We have a tremendous opportunity to innovate, collaborate and think outside the box – and by working together we can do what’s best for the organization and for our customers.”