Meet Gowshika Balachandran, Clinical Specialist, Medical Affairs

Gowshika Balachandran joined the MNK family as an intern on the UK’s Sales and Marketing team in 2016 and immediately demonstrated she was a huge asset to the organization.

As a current Clinical Specialist, Gowshika has continued to be an integral member of the team, working to help build strong relationships with hospital-based lab technicians, by leading trainings to ensure optimal usage of MNK devices and sharing key learnings that can help patients.

According to a colleague, “It’s her positive attitude, hunger to learn and willingness to help with any task that makes Gowshika a pleasure to work with every day, and an important asset in perpetuating MNK’s mission of managing complexity, improving lives.”

Gowshika constantly seeks opportunities to further develop her career and has participated in various training programs to better communicate with French team members and continue building strong relationships.

Not only is Gowshika extremely hard-working, but she brings an excited and enthusiastic sprit to all company events, fostering comradery and collaboration both within her team and the greater organization.

Gowshika explained that “sharing the same passion of improving lives and collaborating to do so, is what drives me and my teammates to deliver a superior quality of service to our customers.”


Gowshika Balachandran joins a distinguished group of employees who were nominated by colleagues for their contributions, continuous passion and commitment to our mission – Managing Complexity. Improving Lives. Visit the blog each week to see how our employees are #MissionFocusedatMNK.