Meet Catherine Jackson, Director of Advocacy Relations

Meet Catherine Jackson, Director of Advocacy Relations

If there’s one employee that encompasses all four of Mallinckrodt’s values, it’s Catherine Jackson. As Director of Advocacy Relations in Government Affairs, Policy and Advocacy, collaboration, innovation, patient-centricity and integrity are vital components of her work to bring employees and advocates together to meet the needs of underserved patient populations.

It’s a job that not only impacts patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals, but her colleagues, too, and inspires them to do the same.

“When I’m able to engage our entire team on a patient-focused initiative, advocacy organizations can easily see our passion to help,” explained Catherine. “In turn, our employees understand what their job means to the patients and caregivers who depend on them to develop and provide effective options that have the potential to improve lives.”

Catherine not only lives Mallinckrodt’s patient-centric value each day, but she personifies it. She is “constantly striving to integrate with, and support business and medical teams, and never stops pushing and advocating for Mallinckrodt’s patient population,” one colleague shared.

This was apparent at the recent Patient & Health Advocacy Summit; Catherine partnered with key experts in an engaging healthcare discussion. “She played an important role in helping Mallinckrodt connect with key stakeholders and drive home the importance of informed decision-making.”

Advocating for patients, however, is not a one-department operation, according to Catherine. “We are better together and everyone at Mallinckrodt plays a role in advocacy. While I may represent the company to the advocacy community, each one of our employees helps make our advocacy initiatives possible.”

Catherine Jackson joins a distinguished group of employees who were nominated by colleagues for their contributions, continuous passion and commitment to our mission – Managing Complexity. Improving Lives. Visit the blog each week to see how our employees are #MissionFocusedatMNK.