Meet Agne Sinkeviciute, Quality Assurance Specialist, Specialty Brands

Agne Sinkeviciute is a dedicated Quality Assurance Specialist, based in Dublin, Ireland. She’s someone who colleagues say “lives and breathes integrity into every piece of work she accomplishes at MNK and lives by the mantra of putting patients first.”

Motivated by patient success stories, Agne is always determined to make a difference in the lives of patients, working alongside her colleagues to support the quality assurance processes and helping to ensure MNK’s medicines maintain the high quality the company is known for.

In addition to Agne’s day-to-day responsibilities, her positive, “can-do” attitude shines through, as she continuously volunteers to assist with numerous projects outside of her department.

Agne shared: “Performing with integrity and putting the needs of patients first every day makes me continuously proud to be part of the MNK family” – an attitude that inspires other MNK employees to do the same.

Agne Sinkeviciute joins a distinguished group of employees who were nominated by colleagues for their contributions, continuous passion and commitment to our mission – Managing Complexity. Improving Lives. Visit the blog each week to see how our employees are #MissionFocusedatMNK.