Mallinckrodt Human Resources and Communications Teams in NJ Work Together to Keep Memories Alive

October is Mallinckrodt’s Global Month of Service, a company-wide initiative encouraging employees to give back to our local communities through volunteer and fundraising events.

Losing a loved one is a painful experience that has a lasting impact on those that live on. Recovering from this pain is difficult for any adult, but it can have long-term impacts when the weight of this emotional gut-punch is borne by very young children. Fortunately, Good Grief, a non-profit whose mission is to provide unlimited and free support to children and families after the death of someone close, is able to help people of all ages cope with the complicated feelings that follow and give them the tools to open their heart again.

GoodGriefStory2Recently, the Human Resources and Corporate Communications teams in Bedminster, NJ spent the day at Good Grief’s nearby Morristown, NJ location to lend a few hands ahead of Good Grief’s upcoming annual Day of Remembrance.

MNK volunteers painted stones and arranged them out in front of the building in preparation for this yearly program where families decorate stones to remember the special person in their life that has passed away.

Christina Discepola, Program Manager for Good Grief, explained, “Decorating these stones allows Good Grief families to honor their person who died. The annual Day of Remembrance provides an opportunity for participants to celebrate the life of their loved one with the Good Grief community.”

Prior to painting, MNK volunteers were led on a brief tour of the building where Good Grief provides a safe place for families, and particularly children, to process their feelings. This included several themed rooms that ranged from spaces to be creative to small room of padded materials that lets someone safely process anger, dubbed “the volcano room.” Stacey Frank, Sr. Manager, Learning and Development, remarked “I think the tour really helped our team to understand the gravity of what Good Grief does. Knowing that you’re not alone and connecting with people who can relate to your experiences is critical to the process of healing. Grief is a unique journey for any individual and this organization gives people the support and the space to deal with it in their own way.”

You can learn more about Good Grief and the amazing work they do at their website,


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