Mallinckrodt Employees Serve as Environmental Stewards

Mallinckrodt employees from the company’s Specialty Brands headquarters in Bedminster, N.J., dedicated a morning of service to a nearby nonprofit organization, Duke Farms, as part of the company’s second annual global month of service. During the service month, employees are encouraged to volunteer with a local organization to help create positive change in their community.

Mallinckrodt volunteers spent time at Duke Farms learning about and helping with sustainability and preservation efforts on the 2,700-acre property. They planted native species of plants throughout the property to help restore healthy, ecologically functioning habitats.

Duke Farms is an old estate originally owned by James Buchanan (J.B.) Duke, an American entrepreneur who founded the American Tobacco Company and Duke Energy Company. His daughter, Doris Duke, inherited the estate after his death. An active environmentalist, Doris designated in her will that the property be used to protect wildlife, as well as for agriculture, horticulture and research. Duke Farms now educates and inspires others to be informed stewards of the land.

“Our team was very interested in dedicating time to a cause that helped the environment. We all walked away with a wealth of knowledge about habitat destruction and restoration, and how we can each be more environmentally responsible in our daily lives,” said Stacey Frank, Senior Manager of Learning and Development in Bedminster who helped organize the effort. “It was a great reminder to take the time to observe what’s happening around you and think about how you can approach things differently – a practice that we can implement in the workplace as well.”

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