Mallinckrodt Employees in Louisiana Help the Hungry in Greater Baton Rouge

October is Mallinckrodt’s Global Month of Service, a company-wide initiative encouraging employees to give back to our local communities through volunteer and fundraising events.

Last month, 38 Mallinckrodt employees from the Port Allen, LA facility spent the day volunteering at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. This sizable group helped sort more than 15 pallets of donations into designated food category bins, along with checking all expiration dates of items. The next phase was boxing each category of items into individual boxes to be distributed to needy families. The team packaged individual boxes of snacks, canned goods, boxed cereals, baking needs, water, cooking items, toiletries and other items. One group dedicated their time to preparing 3 totes totaling around 1800 pounds of cereal into individual bags, then into donation boxes.

Julie Guerin, Quality Assurance Coordinator reflected on the scale of the food bank’s mission, “It was eye opening to see the amount of donations that needed to be prepared for the needy in our community. Most, if not all of us, probably don’t think twice about going to the grocery store and purchasing what we need to feed our families. Seeing the volume of food in the food bank warehouse, along with the delivery trucks being loaded, really brought home the realization that some people don’t have that luxury.”

The Food Bank only employs eight people and depend heavily upon volunteer efforts, so they truly appreciated the help that Mallinckrodt brought in that day. Our team was welcomed with big smiles and lots of thanks from their staff, leaving the MNK team feeling like they truly made a difference.

In addition to the volunteer day at the Food Bank, the Port Allen location is also conducting a friendly onsite competition between groups for non-perishable food and monetary donations to the food bank. The site’s goal is to fill multiple large donation boxes to be delivered in January 2020 in hopes that this additional contribution can help the food bank restock inventory after the holiday season.

Learn more about the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank at

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