Mallinckrodt Employees Help Strengthen Culture and Community at an Elementary School in Madison, WI

October is Mallinckrodt’s Global Month of Service, a company-wide initiative encouraging employees to give back to our local communities through volunteer and fundraising events.

Educators are always looking for innovative ways to build engaging and supportive cultures within their schools. School-based, community walks have gained popularity as an effective way to strengthen school-family relations as researchers believe that they allow the students and staff to connect and appreciate the diverse community in which they live and teach.

In support of this effort to strengthen community bonds, a group of employees from the Manufacturing and Technical Operations team at our Regenerative Medicine facility in Madison, Wis. volunteered during the Aldo Leopold Elementary Community Walk. This one-mile walk through the Leopold neighborhood was designed to show the unity of the school and highlight their commitment to being safe, respectful, and responsible members of the community.

With close to 700 enrolled students, Aldo Leopold Elementary is the largest elementary school in the Madison Metropolitan School District and is one of two schools in the district designated as a “community school.” In addition to the traditional educational curriculum, community schools offer programs and resources aimed to support a variety of needs for students and their families, such as childcare, physical and mental health programs, food access, family support and academic mentoring.

During the community walk, the Mallinckrodt team helped escort students around the elementary school’s surrounding neighborhood. “The ability to connect with the students and support them in their daily environment was a wonderful opportunity for our team,” said Sara Pirnstill, Director of BioManufacturing. “The diversity of Leopold is one of its main strengths. Having the entire school come together for this event and empower the students to represent themselves within their community was such a positive experience for the children and those volunteering.”

To learn more about Aldo Leopold Elementary and their mission to harness the power of community to ignite the inherent talents and greatness of everyone within the Leopold community, please visit

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