Mallinckrodt Employees Conduct Vision Screenings at St. Louis Elementary School

Mallinckrodt’s tax team in St. Louis exchanged their desktops for vision screening tools during the company’s second annual global month of service, spending a day testing the vision of roughly 400 children at a local elementary school. The effort was part of Mallinckrodt’s worldwide, month-long initiative, encouraging employees to dedicate their time and energy to create positive change in local communities.

The tax team, located at Mallinckrodt’s campus in Hazelwood, Mo., served as the arms and legs of a program called Kids Vision for Life St. Louis, which provides free screenings, eye exams and prescription eyewear to children whose families otherwise can’t afford these services.

One in every four school-aged children has a vision impairment significant enough to affect learning, yet 35% have never seen an eye care professional. Bringing free services directly to schools eliminates two major barriers – costs and the time necessary to take children to an appointment.

“Participating in a volunteer day with my colleagues exemplified what it truly means to be committed to building a better tomorrow,” said Karalyne Murphy, a tax accountant for Mallinckrodt who was one of the volunteers. “The experience proved that one day of volunteering can make a difference in the community.”

Mallinckrodt volunteers were divided into different stations at the school, receiving a quick training from Kids Vision for Life before the children arrived. Some employees conducted the initial testing with a vision screening device; the rest helped the children who were flagged with vision problems by moving them between stations or conducting various tests to assess:

  • near-distance vision
  • far-distance vision
  • depth perception

Kids Vision for Life St. Louis has issued more than 20,000 pairs of prescription eyeglasses since its founding in 2008. Volunteers are critical to helping the organization successfully screen over 45,000 students in the St. Louis area each year.
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