Helping Close the Knowledge Gap: Mallinckrodt’s Commitment to Patients with Rare Disease

By Tunde Otulana, Chief Medical Officer

Sarcoidosis is a rare multisystem disease that affects a person’s immune system, causing inflammation in tissues.[1] In some cases symptoms may come and go throughout a lifetime, referred to as symptomatic sarcoidosis.1 Although there is no cure, treatments are available that can help lessen symptoms.[2] The disease can impact people differently2 and not all patients will respond to treatment. Yet management of the disease is critical, and there are many steps patients can take to stay active, adopt a healthy lifestyle and control symptoms.2

Often with rare diseases like symptomatic sarcoidosis, information about managing and treating symptoms can be difficult to find. Resources may not be readily available and community physicians may not have experience managing a rare disease. These knowledge gaps underscore the need for greater support for patients.

As they say, education is power, and helping patients and their caregivers stay informed about the latest research and other available resources can help them identify the best possible treatment plan. We encourage patients to be active, engaged participants in their care.

With this goal in mind, Mallinckrodt is proud to support efforts that help patients, caregivers and physicians understand and better manage symptomatic sarcoidosis. We support the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) and the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) in their Seek Answers. Inspire Results. campaign that provides important resources to patients and caregivers to help improve living with a chronic disease like symptomatic sarcoidosis.

In addition, we are generating and collecting data to better understand appropriate treatments that will provide a clinical benefit for different patient populations. A small subset of patients will have advanced disease for which different treatments are greatly needed. We are committed to supporting symptomatic sarcoidosis research and education to help the medical community better understand this diagnosis and treatment to ultimately improve patient care.

Collectively, these efforts will add to a growing knowledge base for all patients so they can live full, active lives.

Click here to watch Len’s story about living with symptomatic sarcoidosis.

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