Fostering an Environment that Supports Medical Innovation

Guest post by Steve Romano, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer for Mallinckrodt

Steve Romano

This month marks my first in the appointed role of chair of the Board-level Research Committee for the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC), a health policy research organization dedicated to the advancement of good evidence and science, and to fostering an environment that supports medical advancements in the U.S. I’m honored to serve in this role, which will enable collaboration among some of our industry’s best and brightest leaders toward a common purpose – to advance and support medical innovation in the U.S.

Mallinckrodt joined NPC in 2016 and, since that time, I have had the opportunity to serve on its Board of Directors and help NPC shape the future of healthcare in our country. With advancement of good evidence and science, value and access of medicines for patients, and innovation at its core, NPC has dedicated itself to developing and disseminating research that examines the role medicines play to achieve better patient health and impact society more broadly. NPC’s focus aligns with our mission at Mallinckrodt – “Managing Complexity, Improving Lives” – and our vision as an innovation-driven specialty pharmaceutical company focused on improving outcomes for underserved patients with severe and critical conditions. We work to provide and develop medicines and patient-centered solutions, backed by relevant clinical and health economic and outcomes (HEOR) data. Aligned with NPC’s tenets, we have built robust HEOR capabilities – with a goal to begin that assessment early in the drug development process – to help prescribers, payers and others better understand the clinical and economic value of our products to the patients they serve. In my role as chair of NPC’s Board-level Research Committee, I am excited to take what we at Mallinckrodt have learned to help shape NPC’s upcoming research and ultimately advance the body of evidence available toward improving our healthcare system.

Most recently, NPC challenged how value assessment organizations define patient value. With input from patients, caregivers and payers, NPC developed a holistic set of best practices and measures to help value assessment organizations more accurately evaluate the impact of new technologies and treatments. We believe application of these guiding practices will help ensure patient needs are at the center of any value assessment process.

Today, it is more important than ever for patients, healthcare professionals, payers, policymakers and the industry to work together to advocate change in the current state of our country’s healthcare system. NPC helps make this possible, and I look forward to working with this outstanding organization and its partners to further explore these key issues of evidence, value, access and innovation.